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Shukokai Karate

Shukokai is a traditional style of Karate, based on Tani-ha Shitō-ryū developed by Chōjirō Tani in the late 1940’s.  Chōjirō Tani was born in 1921 and started his formal training under Miyagi Chōjun the founder of Gojū-ryū style, while a student at University in Kyoto. After a few months Miyagi Sensei returned to Okinawa and the founder of Shitō-ryū Kenwa Mabuni took over the teaching. Through diligent training under Mabuni Sensei and after becoming one of his most senior students, Tani Sensei recieved the certificate of succession from him and became head  of Shitō-ryū, enabling him to use the name Tani-ha Shitō-ryū .

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Grading’s is an opportunity for the instructor and students to see the progress made by students in the different areas of karate:

  • Physical: Co-ordination, movement, fitness and overall appreciation of the body.
  • Mental: Understanding internal and external processes E.g. How I think effects my attitude and actions.
  • Emotional: Positive emotions are easier to control than negative.

Karate is like a marathon not a race. All students have strengths and short comings and as they progress these qualities appear at different times and at varying intensities. As their instructor our job is to identify where they are in the marathon and help them reach the finish line, under their conditions. We treat all students as individuals , hence different grading results. Eventually everyone reaches the finish line with a full understanding of the marathon.


The white belt (10th Kyu) is assigned to beginning students, and a progression of belts is gained through the grading system. Students are graded based on varying criteria based on their grade. Initial gradings are based on the understanding of the fundamentals:

  • kata (forms)
  • basics ( including punching and kicking)
  • stances
  • etiquette

As the student progresses through the grading system other attributes are tested.

Shūkōkai Karate Belt Order

Black (Dan)
Brown (3rd, 2nd and 1st Kyu)
Purple (4th Kyu)
Blue (5th Kyu)
Green (6th Kyu)
Orange (7th Kyu)
Yellow (8th Kyu)
Red (9th Kyu)
White (10th Kyu)